Dave Guinane's Basketball Workshop

Coach Dave Guinane

As a former college player at Wayne State University in Detroit and the Boy's Basketball Coach at Notre Dame Prep in Pontiac, Michigan, Coach Dave Guinane realized that coaches don't have the time to help their players improve on the various skill aspects of the game, such as shooting, ball-handling, defense and moving without the ball.  That's why he developed his innovative training system and started The Basketball Workshop in 1998, to help high school and college players learn the proper practice techniques needed to "take their game to the next level". 

Recognized as one of the premier basketball shooting coaches in the nation, Coach Dave has worked with thousands of high school and college players over the years to help them become better all-around players and gain confidence in their skills.  As a result, numerous "graduates" of The Basketball Workshop have gone on to play college basketball and professional basketball. 


Read more about Coach Dave here: www.daveguinane.com
Philosophy and Mission

At The Basketball Workshop, we believe that with the proper training techniques and hard work, a dedicated player can excel at the game of basketball.  Through our proven system, players can maximize their practice time to get better results. With our system, we can improve the skill level and confidence of a dedicated player over a short period of time, and fine-tune those newly acquired skills to help a player "take their game to the next level".

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